Samuel Freeman was host to the first Solo Exhibition in the United States by renowned German artist Ewerdt Hilgemann. His stainless steel “implosions” harbor a delicate brutality; their crushed and mangled forms softened and made approachable in their ultra-smooth surfaces. Each piece begins as a perfect, meticulously welded airtight form, burnished to a satin gloss. When they are complete, the artist slowly pulls the air out, collapsing the basic form into the final shape. The resulting sculptures balance the properties of slow aggression with smooth elegant grace.

From Heraclitus, “Panta Rhei” means “Everything Flows.” The exhibit features rigid structures bent and twisted into sensuous curves and folded, bunched nodes of tension. Hilgemann brought us a ‘California Forest’ of tall, slender forms, wall-works in the Portrait Gallery, and housed in the chapel was “Conspiracy,” a six-piece installation.