Taken from a mis-lableled work by Craig Kauffman in the recent Bonhams auction, “Love to Party” is a celebration of naming and misnomers. The original idea arose when an artist referred to one of her pieces as a ‘drawing.’ The piece in question was one of Michelle Wiener’s drawings, painted with white and black gesso on paper. I was interested in why she called it a drawing, not a painting, but in the end I decided I’d rather not really know. Instead, I went to a few of the artists I know and asked them if they had any “drawings” that I could borrow. I don’t care what I’d call it, or what you’d call it, all that matters is that the artist referred to it as a ‘drawing.’ (as in Larry Bell’s 1978 Vapor Drawing, for example…)

Artists Featured:

Peter Alexander
John Altoon
Don Bachardy
Larry Bell
Billy Al Bengston
Jonathan Borofsky
Guy de Cointet
Tony DeLap
Shingo Francis
Jessie French
Robert Graham
Scott Grieger
Kathy Halbower
Lynn Hanson
Salómon Huerta
Yoshio Ikezaki
Craig Kauffman
Adam Koford
Mark Licari
Blue McRight
Ed Moses
Gwynn Murrill
Margaret Nielsen
Rona Pondick
Ken Price
Michael A. Rosenfeld
Ed Ruscha
Masami Teraoka
Jen Wang
Michelle Wiener