Robert Zakanitch returns to the gallery for his first solo show since 2006’s Lace paintings. This time Zakanitch has turned his brush to fanciful floralscapes of both large and personal scales.

These paintings are about three things. 1) The re-investigating of the often-considered banal “vase of flowers” still-life motif. 2) Pushing the mysterious and vulnerable yet dense qualities of gouache on paper up to this never before attempted monumental scale. And lastly, 3) the fact of Ordinary Miracles…

…It is basically a meditation in images. It is about all of our surroundings and things we know and see and feel everyday and have taken so much of it for granted that we no longer are aware of the profundity of it and their existences– A world of color, of light, of seasons, of the tactility of everything including experience itself…

…These are the thick-surfaced paintings of designs of things. It is the design and physicality of painting that enables their transformation into a contemporary pastoral. The thick materiality and lack of contained space in these acrylics evokes a burgeoning outdoor freedom.

So enjoy, and welcome to the garden.

-Robert Zakanitch, April 10, 2010
Brooklyn, New York