Martin Mull featured on Widewalls











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Jenene Nagy, scabland,” 2017 at Eastern Washington University Gallery of Art



Jenene Nagy: scabland

Eastern Washington University Gallery of Art
January 26 – February 23, 2017

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Devan Shimoyama Is the Winner of the 2016 PULSE Prize


By: Sarah Cascone

Devan Shimoyama is the winner of the 2016 Miami Beach PULSE Prize at PULSE Miami Beach. The artist’s work was the subject of a solo presentation at the booth of Los Angeles’s Samuel Freeman Gallery, a first time exhibitor at the fair.

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Devan Shimoyama Nominated For The PULSE Prize


The PULSE Prize is a jury-awarded cash grant presented directly to an artist of distinction who will be chosen from a solo artist presentation by an IMPULSE Exhibitor.

Image: Devan Shimoyama, Let Me Help, 2015, Oil Enamel, Spray Paint, Graphite, Acrylic, Glitter, Beads on Canvas, 52″ x 42″ x 2.25.”

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Jenene Nagy at Michael Warren Contemporary

Jenene Nagy, Mass 4, 0216

The temperature of the atmosphere underneath your skin 

Reception for the Artist: Friday November 11th, 6-8pm
Artist Talk: Saturday, November 12th, 11am 





Opening reception Thursday October 6, 6-8p
Exhibition runs October 10, 2016 – Febuary 9, 2017

Time is both an abstract and the underlying structure governing modern civilization. It is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future. It is a measurement, it is currency, it is a standard.

Image: Jenene Nagy, Little Gem, 2015, Foil Tape on Paper, 8″ x 8″

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Clarissa Tossin: Encontro das Águas (Meeting of Waters)



Opening Reception at JOAN on Oct. 8th from 6pm-8pm.

JOAN is pleased to present Clarissa Tossin: Encontro das Águas (Meeting of Waters), a delicate and ambitious large-scale installation. Combining the basket weaving patterns of the indigenous Baniwa people, native to the Brazilian Amazon, with satellite images depicting the 900-miles (1,448 kilometers) of the Amazon River from the Manaus Basin (or Port of Manaus) in Brazil to its equatorial drainage point in the Atlantic Ocean, Tossin created an enormous tapestry whose cuts and weaves evoke the divide between two systems of representation–cultural and ideological—that exist in Manaus itself.

Image: Meeting of Waters confluence between the dark water of the Rio Negro river with the s Rio Solimões at Amazon River in Manaus, Brazil. Photo credit: José Caldas/ / Alamy Stock Photo.

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Hunter Drohojowska-Philp Reviews Billy Al Bengston’s Current Exhibition

Miklos, 1965


Another artist influenced by Voulkos and ceramics in the 1960s is Billy Al Bengston. A wide ranging survey of his paintings from that time to the present is on view at Samuel Freeman through October 29. Selected from the artist’s studio, there are many surprises including a couple of 1965 muted trapezoids with chevrons in the center.

In addition, there is a boutique of sorts, “Billy’s World,” based on Jams World, maker of the Hawaiian shirts favored by Bengston and for $2200 you can own a customized shirt with patterns of leaves and orchids echoing those on the paintings.

image: Billy Al Bengston, “Miklos,” 1965 Lacquer on formica; 30.25 x 40in

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At Upfor, the Soul of Black Art

Devan Installation

Arvie Smith’s “Manumissions,” left, and Devan Shimoyama’s “Adjusting to the Luminous Black.” Collection of John Goodwin and Michael-Jay Robinson. Upfor Gallery.

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Billy Al Bengston opening at Venus, September 29th



Billy Al Bengston’s exhibition “My B.S.A. 350CC Gold Star & Blues for Aub (get it?),” opens at Venus on September 29th. If you are in New York check it out! 

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